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1) First i created the web app with the service reference of the created web service suppose Barcode39 is. Quick way is Goto project properties of your WCF Service Project in Visual studio, open Web tab/ page and make sure IIS web server is selected and IIS Express not selected mention your web address like. There are two problems I can see in your code. First, the name attribute of the < service> element in web. config is only listing " serviceName" - if this is not the fully - qualified name of the service class, it won' t be used. Second, you shouldn' t use. Try to do the following: 1. Add a new Service Reference named wsZipeee pointing to the Web Service 2. From the Calling location ( another Web App, Winform, et al) : Dim ws as New wsZipeee. ZipeeeSoapClient( ) Dim. Just form your data ( using Json. Net) as: var obj = new { States = new[ ] { new{ State = " MX" } }, Zip = " ", Miles = " ", PaginationStart = 1, PaginationLimit = 3 } ; string data = JsonConvert.

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    SerializeObject( obj) ;. Probably the text is not properly urlencoded. If you are using GET protocol, the query becomes:? bar1= 12345& & bar2= something. Try sanitizing ( urlencode) string before negotiating with your seems issue is with the mapping of the payload json to the POJO Campaigns in the controller. I converted all the Date and LocalDate with String and then tried to map to POJO as below. I slightly modified your Campaigns POJO:. Wanted to let you know this problem was solved. Another Dev that had worked on this service before but no longer just happened to walk by and I said " Hey! " They saw the garbage request data and said " That. Hi everyone, over the last few days i' ve tried everything to solve this issue i' m having with my webservice. : ( so i' ve turn to you guys to help. my webservice works fine when calling it directly f.

    But as soon as I try to send a list of my own objects ( even only ONE object), I always get a HTTP 400 error " Bad Request". I tried excatly the same code like below ( only the parameters of form. add( ) and the parameters of the server method.