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js: 1) at a ( viewer. js: 1) at HTMLDocument. Just add if ( combo. length = = 0) return;. before if ( nline > combo. sliceIt function when the i argument becomes 5 the dynamically generated id in the below line becomes divin4 and apparently it' s the source of the problem. timer= setInterval( function( ) { pictures. closeIt( document. js wasn' t the cause of this issue. turned out to be a difference in the way the getElementsByTagName( ) works in Chrome as it doesn' t require ( or work when) the namespace of the searched element to be te that there is an error in your structure < td> < / td> New account< td> < / td>. This text is not placed anywhere and could be causing the error in your full code.

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    It should probably be < td> < / td> < td> New account< / td>. Why do I get the error cannot read property childNodes of null? nodeType = = 3) { text + = pElement. nodeValue; } ; } alert( " The paragraph says: \ n\ n" + text) ; } < / script> < / head> < body onload= " init( ) " >. Because, when your JS is executed, your DOM objects are not created yet. I would suggest not to work with the childNodes collection as depending on white space text nodes between element nodes and whether the DOM implementation includes them into the tree you can get different results ee source code and tutorials for Software developers and Architects. The tags like bathroomid and review are children of rating element not of review element so x[ i]. getElementsByTagName( " bathroomid" ) won' t return any element. Instead each of these are children of rating element, so iterate. Link: com/ javve/ list. js/ issues/ 9 · share| improve. HTML as above, and for JS ajax request please see below: JS: $. getElementById( ' recViewModel' ) ) ; }, error: function( ) { alert( " An error occurred.