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in < module> ; os. mkdir( dir_ name1) ; WindowsError: [ Error 183] 既に存在するファイルを作成することはできません。. もしdstがすでに存在するディレクトリであった場合OSError例外が発生します。 dstが すでに存在するファイルの場合は、 OSによって挙動が異なります。 Unixの場合は、 権限 があればエラーを出さずに上書きしてしまいます。 Windowsの場合. sorry it was my mistake. The document for shutil specifically says that the destination directory must not exist. well in my case, the destination directory was existing earlier and hence i was getting the message. Traceback ( most recent call last) : # すでに存在するディレクトリを指定した時のエラー; File " D: \ test. py", line 13, in < module> ; os. / usr/ bin/ env python; # - * - coding: utf- 8 - * - ; import os; path = ' C: \ Windows\ System32\ drivers\ etc\ hosts' ; # ファイルが存在するかどうかチェックします。 print os. access( path, os. Error 183 in Windows is for an already existent file. Looking over your code a bit: fn = raw_ input( ' Enter desired file name for all converted files: ' ) ft = raw_ input( ' Enter the file extension you want the program to look for ( ex. When running OneTime ( onetime- 2. zip) Windows 7 Python 2. 9 environment: C: \ Python27> python onetime.

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    Python error windows

    py - e - p hotbits. txt Traceback ( most recent call last) : File " onetime. py", line 1279, in main( ). The problem is most likely due to your open( ) call in your code. The open( ) function in python opens file file for reading/ writing, so if you open a file then you cannot call rename on it as it is open in another location. WindowsError: [ Error 183] Cannot create a file when that file already exists in python. i tried with bellow mentioned code just to rename some files. but this same code works good in linux but not in windows. Q: Do you know which line is causing the windows error? Thank you for the update. I' ll bet your directory already has a file already named fullname, hence os. rename( temp_ fname, fullname) fails with " file already exists". I' m guessing you are running the script on windows. According to the list of windows error codes error 183 is ERROR_ ALREADY_ EXISTS. So I would guess the script is failing because you' re attempting to rename a file over.